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Chapter Notes and Study Questions

As the course progresses, links to lecture notes will be added to this page. These links will take you to a brief summary of each chapter of your text book.  Note that these are only summaries!!  They are not meant to take the place of the class lecture, nor do they include examples that will be discussed in class.  You are responsible for all material that is covered in class!
In addition to summaries, each page provides study questions and a link to a self-test.  The self-test may be taken as many times as you would like and the grade is not recorded. Both the study questions and self-tests provide a means for you to determine if you are getting the main ideas for the chapter. They are also excellent reviews for the tests!

Chapter 1: The Nature of Technology  
Chapter 2: Winners and Losers
Chapter 3: The Process of Technological Change
Chapter 4: Scientific Knowledge and Technological Advance  
Review for Quiz 1  
Chapter 5: The Diffusion of Technology
Chapter 6: Technology, Energy and the Environment
Chapter 7: Medical and Biological Technologies
Review for Quiz Two  
Chapter 8: Work in Nonindustrial Societies  
Chapter 9: Technology and Jobs
Chapter 11: Printing
Chapter 12: The Electronic Media  
Review for Quiz Three  
Chapter 13: Weapons and Their Consequences
Chapter 14: How New Weapons Emerge