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Chapter 11 Self Test

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   China      Gutenberg      linotype      Martin Luther      mnemonic devices      paper      rotating cyclinder      Spain      woodblock      yellow journalism   

1. Newspaper articles that emphasized the sensational are examples of .

2. Printing that required an engraving to be carved into wood was known as printing.

3. is the European who is credited with perfecting moveable type in the 1400's.

4. Before the invention of printing storytellers often used to help them remember their stories.

5. was the leader of the Protestant Reformation.

6. In addition to encouraging the creation of new types of ink, the invention of the printing press led to the production and use of instead of parchment.

7. The use of moveable type was first pioneered in .

8. The editorial policies of major newspapers in the 1890's encouraged America to go to war against .

9. Two important innovations that dramatically improved the speed of the printing press were steam power and the .

10. The invention that allowed an individual to set an entire line of type automatically is the .