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RELIGION 101-701: Introduction to Religion

Reviews for Quizzes

Review sheets for each quiz will be distributed in class. They will also be linked to this page as they become available.  Note that there is a  review sheet and take-home essay question for each quiz.
Review for Quiz One
  The first quiz will be on February 6. It will cover chapters 1 -2.
        Review Sheet for Quiz 1
       Take home essay question for Quiz 1

Review for Quiz Two

  The second quiz will be on March 6  It will cover chapters 3 - 6 as well as material presented in class .
       Review Sheet for Quiz 2
       Take home essay question for Quiz 2
Review for Quiz Three
  The third quiz will be on April 9.  It will cover the material from chapters 7 - 10.
  Review Sheet for Quiz 3
  Take home essay question for Quiz 3
Review for Final
The final, cumulative exam will be on May 8.
  Review Sheet for Final Exam
  Take home essay question for Final Exam