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For the Essay Portion of the Second Quiz, choose ONE of the following



From the University of Virginia Religious Movements Group Profiles Web pages choose one of the following groups:  ( )


Learn about the history and beliefs of the movement and summarize them in your own words. Using the categories of Bryan Wilson discussed in Chapter 6 (conversionist, revolutionist, manipulationist, or utopia) how would you characterize the movement? Why? Give specific reasons for your answer!



In class, we briefly discussed the fact that religion can influence society. One of the best examples may be "great awakenings" in America in the mid 18th and early 19th centuries.

Visit the Online Exhibition of the Library of Congress: Religion and the New Republic (

Spend some time exploring this Web site especially any parts that you find particularly interesting. You may want to focus on the sections on the First Great Awakening. Then write a brief essay summarizing what you learned about how religion impacted society in the early American Republic.