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For the Essay portion of the third quiz, choose ONE of the following topics.


1. Of the various understandings of theodicy that were covered in chapter 10, which makes the most sense to you, or is the most satisfying to you?  Why? How would you explain your chosen theodicy to those who lost family, livelihood and homes in Hurricane Katrina?

2. Create an annotated bibliography of web pages/sites related to Creation Stories.† Try to find one site for each of the types of creation story that we discussed in class. †Briefly summarize the site and give the URL (address). Make sure the URL is correct! You will be graded according to the accuracy of your summary as well as the quality of the sites you find.

3. Read the book Night by Elie Wiesel.† In two or three paragraphs, summarize the events of the book and explain how they affected Wieselís understanding of God.