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Using PowerPoint Online: For whose benefit?

There are many reasons that you may want to use PowerPoint in an online course. Unfortunately, the motivation for some instructors to put PowerPoint online is the belief that this is an easy way to deliver course content. In some cases, instructors have PowerPoint presentations that they have used in a face-to-face class, and the thinking is that it will save time simply to put that material online for online learners. In other words, putting PowerPoint online is for the benefit of the instructor.

Let's assume for a moment, however, that our real motivation is to benefit the student. PowerPoint has the potential to create and deliver interactive, multi-media learning experiences for your students. Keep in mind that as an online designer, your task is to create a virtual learning environment. Online is not simply a way to deliver information; it is a complete, virtual learning environment meant to engage the student in all levels of learning. Within that learning environment, multi-media has several benefits to the student.

Our purpose, therefore, is to use PowerPoint as a part of a total learning environment to benefit the students through an engaging, multimedia learning experience. To do so, we will follow seven basic principles for creating effective online PowerPoints.

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