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Online Resources:

Edward Tufte
Edward Tufte is a leading expert on the visual presentation of information.  Links to several of his articles can be found at his Web site.

Select Archives for free photographs

Presentation Zen
 Includes a great deal of information about presentations as well as links to resources such as inexpensive or free graphics
Excellent resource for low-cost and inexpensive photographs.  The Creative Commons group generally has photographs available for use.

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.
A repository of multimedia learning objects. Most are free; many are peer-reviewed.

World Images Kiosk
An online database of images available to educators.  Maintained by California State University.

American Memory, the Library of Congress
This is a great  source for historical images, audio and film.  Copyright information is stated.  Most media have no restrictions for educational purposes. Material can be downloaded or you can simply link to the files.

Software Resources


Techsmith produces a number of software tools for multimedia.  Camtasia is probably their most widely-used product.  It combines the functions of Media Encoder and Moviemaker into one software package that allows you to create and edit video.  In addition, it will export the video in a variety of formats (.wmv, Flash, .mov, etc) for distribution via the Web or CD.  One of its most useful features is the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations into fairly small .wmv files.  It also allows you to embed interactivity and quizzes in Flash movies.  The educational pricing is around $150.00, and Techsmith offers a free 30 day trial. One copy of Camtasia is available for use in TR 152.


SnagIt is also produced by Techsmith.  It allows you to capture a static a screen or Web page, and provides numerous options for editing and saving your capture. Techsmith offers an educational pricing and a further discount when purchased with Camtasia.


Books and Publications

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Mayer, Richard E. (2001).  Multimedia Learning. NY: Cambridge University Press.

Tufte, Edward R. (2006).  The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within.  Cheshire Connecticut: Graphics Press LLC.