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Blackboard Discussions
Linking Discussions to Content Areas


The home for all discussion forums in Blackboard is the Discussions Board page.  However, you may want to provide a link to the discussions from a course content area in your course.   When you organize your course, it is a good idea to group together all the notes, PowerPoints, tutorials, assignments, tests, and discussions for each unit or chapter. There are several reasons this is a best practice:


Points to Remember

When working with forums keep the following important points in mind.


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Video Tutorial


The video on this page will demonstrate how to link to a forum on the Discussion Board. Step-by-step directions are available as a PDF handout in the side bar. You can save and print the handout for future reference.



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Summary and Self-test


Linking to a discussion forum from the content area provides a simple, intuitive way for students to access discussions associated with the topic or chapter they are studying. Although linking to discussions from within a Learning Module produces less than satisfactory results, linking from a Lesson Plan or a Content Folder works well. Always provide a description of the link with instructions on how to complete the discussion assignment, and remember to make sure both the link and the forum are available.


Use the self test below to check your learning on this topic. You should take the quiz until you get all answers right.



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