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Chapter 7 Self Test

Enter your answers in the blanks. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

   clone      Diagnostic      dialysis      ethical      eugenics      halfway technologies      need      sheep      unnecessary   

1. Medical and biological technologies are often called becuase they do not address the cause of a disease.

2. A is best defined as an exact genetic duplicate of another organism.

3. The treatment for kidney failure known as is technology that demonstrates the issues of cost, benefits and accessibility of medical technologies.

4. Tn attempt to perfect humanity through reinforcing of ‘desirable’ traits and the suppression of ‘undesirable’ ones" is known as .

5. A problem with new diagnostic technologies is that they may create their own .

6. technologies are those which help to diagnose an illness.

7. A medical technology may be ruled out if it is unsafe, unwise, unkind or .

8. Scientists first successfully cloned a in 1996.

9. Genetic technology confronts us with a number of issues.