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Chapter 3 Self Test

Fill in the blank self test.

From the word bank below enter your answers in the blanks. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

   Bill Gates      centralized economy      Charles Babbage      effective demand      incremental change      market economy      military      Research and development      scaling up   

1. The transition from successful research to large-scale production is known as .
2. Characteristics of a include financial incentives and competition.
3. An example of a noneconomic source of technological progress is the .
4. can be descrbied as the process of making a technology work.
5. Technological change that is the result of the learning process as technology is actually used is usually .
6. The prototype for the modern computer was built by .
7. is the entrepreneur whose efforts helped lead to the breakthrough innovation of the personal computer.
8. Characteristics of a include the planning of production goals and quotas.
9. The demand for a product along with the ability to pay for it is known as .