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Chapter 2 Self Test

Fill in the Blank Self-Test

Enter your answers in the blanks. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button. Use the "Back" button to return to the chapter notes.

   diffuse      Luddites      power      redistribute wealth      restructure power      Scientific Management      social roles      technological fix   
1. is a term applied to any group that reacts violently against technological innovations.

2. Frederick Taylors' attempted to solve the social problem of labor unrest through the application of technology.

3. The new freedom of mobility that the automobile gave to upper middle class women in the 1920's demonstrates how technology can modify .

4. The development of the personal computer and the emergence of such companies as Microsoft, Netscape and Intel is an example of how technological innovations can .

5. The attempt to solve social problems quickly through the use of technology is sometimes referred to as a .

6. The decision to develop and deploy a new technology is often shaped by the distribution of in society.

7. In addition to modifying social roles and the redistribution of weatlh, technological change can .

8. One reason that technology cannot solve social problems is that such problems are often very complex and .