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Chapter 14 Self Test

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   airplane      conscription      crossbow      MAD      Mass production      mercenaries      poison gas      retaliation      tank   

1. is the concept of complete destruction by both sides during a nuclear war.

2. Traditional understandings of the nature of war kept France and England from seeing the as an important weapon.

3. General Billy Mitchell claimed that the would be decisive in all future wars.

4. The Second Lateran Council of the Catholic Church banned the use of the .

5. One of the results of the era of the large, national army was the need for .

6. In 1925 most nations agreed not to use in warfare.

7. A deterrent that is not effective against terrorist groups is fear of .

8. was needed to manufacture standard weapons for large armies.

9. The need for large numbers of soldiers who could be trained to use firearms led to the use of .