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Chapter 13 Self-Test

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   catapult      chariot      Civil War      crossbow      Gunpowder      Henry Stimson      James Byrnes      longbow      phalanx      radiation sickness      trebuchet      World War I   

1. was the Secretary of War who wanted to include the Russians on decisions of how and when to use the Atomic bomb against Japan.

2. The was basically a counter balanced sling that used very heavy projectiles in besieging a town or castle.

3. The was an infantry formation that was very effective in areas where chariots could not be used.

4. The English first used the against the French in the Battle of Cressey in the 14th Century.

5. The Romans combined the use of the with a highly organized infantry.

6. The machine gun was first used in the .

7. Aerial bombardment was first used in .

8. The Assyrians made effective use of the to conquer the middle east in the 8th Century BC.

9. The Secretary of Defense who advocated using the Atomic Bomb without warning and without consulting the Russians was .

10. An unanticipated result of using the atomic bomb was .

11. The was invented in the 11th century and was very accurate in delivering heavy arrows at a great range.

12. was invented in China in the 8th Century.