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Video Tutorials From Blackboard

Creating Content in your Course
  Adding Textbook Information to Your Course How to add detailed textbook information to your course.
  Using the Text Editor Learn how to use the Visual Editor in Blackboard
  Creating A Mashup Add Multimedia to your course


Managing Your Course

  Adaptive Release

Using multiple adaptive release rules to control the conditions under which a user may view course content, tests, discussions, etc.


  Creating A User Activity Report How go create an overall summary of user activity in your course.


Encouraging Interactivity and Reflection through Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

  Creating A Blog How to create a blog for your class.
  Creating and Editing Blog Entries Posting blog entries in your course
  Commenting on a Blog Entry Posting feedback on a Blog submission.
  Creating A Journal Invite student reflection through an online journal
  Commenting on a Journal Entry Provide remarks and feedback on a journal entry
  Creating a Wiki Create a collaborative space for your students
  Grading a Wiki How to grade student's work in a wiki


Encouraging Collaborative Learning Through Groups

  Create a Single Group in Blackboard

How to create groups where students can work together on projects and other class activities


  Creating a Group Set in Blackboard How to create group sets and add students to groups


Class participation and interactivity through Discussions


Grading Discussion Forums



How to grade a discussions forum in Blackboard (most of the time you will grade a student's participation in a forum rather than simply grading threads)


  Grading Discussion Threads

How to grade a student's participation in each thread