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Review Activities

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Number 1. The process of healing, making whole, or being delivered

Correct Answer: Salvation

Number 2. The process of being set free

Correct Answer: liberation

Number 3. The leader of the Protestant Reformation who taught a doctrine of salvation by faith

Correct Answer: Martin Luther

Number 4. Buddhist leader who set for the doctrine of salvation by faith in Amida

Correct Answer: Shinran

Number 5. A bodhisattva who used his merit to create a "Pure Land" where his followers could go after death

Correct Answer: Amida

Number 6. 16th Century nun who reported ecstatic experiences of God's presence

Correct Answer: St. Teresa of Avila

Number 7. The mystical tradition in Islam

Correct Answer: Sufism

Number 8. In Hinduism, intense devotion to a god

Correct Answer: bhakti

Number 9. A group defined by this function in Hindu society

Correct Answer: caste

Number 10. A stage of life for twice-born Hindus

Correct Answer: ashmrama

Number 11. The last stage of Hindu life in which one renounces all previous status and identity

Correct Answer: sannyasin

Number 12. In Hinduism, release or liberation from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth

Correct Answer: moksha

Number 13. Islamic Law

Correct Answer: Shariah

Number 14. The five obligations that every Muslim must fulfill

Correct Answer: Five Pillars of Islam

Number 15. The confession of faith that makes up the first pillar of Islam: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet."

Correct Answer: shahadah

Number 16. A percentage of income that Islamic law requires be given to the poor.

Correct Answer: zakat

Number 17. The month in the Islamic calendar when Muhammad began receiving the revelations that make up the Qur'an

Correct Answer: Ramadan

Number 18. The pilgrimage to Mecca required of all Muslims

Correct Answer: hajj

Number 19. In Judiasm, the collection of rabbinic rulings detailing the ethical duties and ceremonial observance required of Jews.

Correct Answer: halakhah

Number 20. In Judaism, a commandment or observance of a commandment

Correct Answer: mitzvah

Number 21. In Judaism, the day of atonement

Correct Answer: Yom Kippur

Number 22. The Jewish New Year

Correct Answer: Rosh Hashanah

Number 23. In Judaism, the commemoration of the deliverance from slavery in Egypt

Correct Answer: Passover

Number 24. In Judaism, the festival that celebrates the giving of the Law at Sinai

Correct Answer: Shabuot

Number 25. Spiritual teacher in Hinduism who lived in the second century BC and developed meditation techniques leading to samadhi

Correct Answer: Patanjali

Number 26. In Hinduism, the yoga that is characterized by meditation

Correct Answer: Yoga Raja

Number 27. The Hindu philosophy that sees human suffering as the result of the entanglement of the spiritual soul in matter.

Correct Answer: Samhkya

Number 28. In Hinduism, the state in which the individual's soul is dissolved into Brahman

Correct Answer: samadhi

Number 29. Buddhist mindfulness meditation

Correct Answer: Vipassana

Number 30. The disciplines that the Buddha prescribed for his followers

Correct Answer: The Eightfold Path

Number 31. Literature that unveils the cosmic spiritual struggle the lies behind the events of the world

Correct Answer: apocalyptic

Number 32. In ancient Israel, the realm where the dead lived on in a shadowy existence

Correct Answer: sheol

Number 33. In ancient Greece, the realm of the dead

Correct Answer: hades

Number 34. In Buddhist thought, the egoless state of bliss

Correct Answer: Nirvana

Number 35. The study of the ways and goals of salvation and liberation.

Correct Answer: Soteriology

Number 36. In Judaism, the day of rest that falls on the seventh day of the week

Correct Answer: Sabbath