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Review Activities

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Number 1. The struggle to defend and extend Islam

Correct Answer: jihad

Number 2. The inner struggle to submit fully to God's will

Correct Answer: greater jihad

Number 3. The outer struggle to extend and defend Islam

Correct Answer: lesser jihad

Number 4. Israelite prophet who lived in the 8th Century BCE

Correct Answer: Amos

Number 5. A leader who is spiritually gifted

Correct Answer: charismatic leader

Number 6. Led non-violent struggle for India's independence

Correct Answer: Gandhi

Number 7. Leaders whose lives are examples of right conduct

Correct Answer: exemplary leaders

Number 8. Leader whose words are a source of moral ethics

Correct Answer: ethical leader

Number 9. A system of ethics focused on the moral character of the individual

Correct Answer: ethics of virtue

Number 10. A system of ethics focused on a set of rules and responsibilities

Correct Answer: ethics of obligation

Number 11. In Mahayana Buddhism, an individual who seeks enlightenment for the sake of others.

Correct Answer: Bodhisattva

Number 12. In China, the bodhisattva of compassion

Correct Answer: Kuan-yin

Number 13. The human concern for what is right and wrong, good and evil

Correct Answer: Ethics

Number 14. Islamic Law

Correct Answer: Shariah

Number 15. In interpretation of or insight into the Divine Law

Correct Answer: Fiqh

Number 16. The consensus interpretation of Divine law by jurists and clerics

Correct Answer: Ijma

Number 17. For Aquinas, the principles and laws derived from reflection on the Eternal Law

Correct Answer: natural moral law

Number 18. For Aquinas, the universal law that guides all beings

Correct Answer: Eternal Law

Number 19. 12th Century Christian theologian who set forth the concept of natural law

Correct Answer: Thomas Aquinas

Number 20. Confucian thinker who argued for the innate goodness of humanity

Correct Answer: Mencius

Number 21. According to Mencius, the innate capacity for moral discrimination possessed by all human beings

Correct Answer: Hsin

Number 22. Confucian thinker who believed meditation was the means to experiencing the unity of one's nature with the Dao

Correct Answer: Lu Hsiang-shan

Number 23. In Chinese thought, the eternal way or law that guides all things

Correct Answer: Dao