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Review Activities

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Number 1. Evil that results from the actions of humanity

Correct Answer: moral evil

Number 2. Applies to evil that occurs in the natural world

Correct Answer: natural evil

Number 3. The concept that meaning is found in one's contribution to the life of society.

Correct Answer: mystical participation

Number 4. Sacred dance of the Native Americans. It was believed that participating in the dance would lead to a reversal of the misfortunes of Native Americans.

Correct Answer: Ghost Dance

Number 5. Native American shaman who encouraged his people to participate in the Ghost Dance.

Correct Answer: Wavoka

Number 6. In ancient Israel, the time when the world would be transformed and suffering would end.

Correct Answer: The Day of the Lord

Number 7. Sect of Islam that strongly embraces the notion of a future, other-worldly reward for the faithful

Correct Answer: Shia

Number 8. Part of the Christian scriptures that details a future, other-worldly reward for the faithful

Correct Answer: Book of Revelation

Number 9. In Islam the last divinely- appointed prophet who will return at the end of time.

Correct Answer: Mahdi

Number 10. The cosmic law of cause and effect

Correct Answer: Karma

Number 11. In Hinduism, the never-ending cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Correct Answer: samsara

Number 12. Protestant leader who emphasized predistination and the sovereignty of God.

Correct Answer: John Calvin

Number 13. Philosophy that believes all things, including God, are still in process (evolving)

Correct Answer: Process Philosophy

Number 14. Popular writer who explains suffering by revising the assumptions of monotheism

Correct Answer: Harold Kushner

Number 15. Writer whose work embodies a theodicy of protest

Correct Answer: Elie Wiesel