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Review Activities

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Number 1. The Babylonian Creation myth

Correct Answer: Enuma Elish

Number 2. The god of Babylon who battled and defeated the monster, Tiamat.

Correct Answer: Marduk

Number 3. In the Enuma Elish, the personified sea representing chaos and evil.

Correct Answer: Ti'amat

Number 4. A story that tells about the beginnings of the created order.

Correct Answer: Cosmogony

Number 5. The primal male deity in Japanese cosmogony.

Correct Answer: Izanagi

Number 6. The primal female deity in Japanese cosmogony.

Correct Answer: Izamani

Number 7. The sun goddess in Japanese indigenous religion (Shinto).

Correct Answer: Amaterasu

Number 8. Greek philosophy who set forth the idea of creation by divine craftsman.

Correct Answer: Plato

Number 9. In Plato's philosophy, the divine craftsman who fashioned the world.

Correct Answer: Demiurge

Number 10. Literally, "creation from nothing."

Correct Answer: Creatio ex nihilo

Number 11. One of the religions that arose in the sixth century BC as a protest against the Hinduism of that day.

Correct Answer: Jainism

Number 12. Religious leader who rejected speculation about cosmogony and metaphysics

Correct Answer: Buddha

Number 13. The observations that the universe gives the appearance that it was designed to support life on earth

Correct Answer: Anthropic principle