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Review Activities

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Number 1. 19th century series of revivals that took the form of protracted outdoor camp meetings in the new American frontier.

Correct Answer: Second Great Awakening

Number 2. A general religion formulated that reflects the and values of a nation

Correct Answer: Civil Religion

Number 3. A religious group which is widely accepted by society and typically unites a group of individual congregations into a single administrative body

Correct Answer: denomination

Number 4. Scholar who defined the distinction between a Church-type group and a sect

Correct Answer: Ernst Troeltsch

Number 5. Religion that is established by a leader who is a witness or bearer of new spiritual insight or revelation

Correct Answer: founded religion

Number 6. Religious group built on common beliefs, special functions, or sacred powers that extend beyond natural ties of kinship and geography

Correct Answer: voluntary religious society

Number 7. A religious community based on kinship ties, race, nationality, language or geography

Correct Answer: natural religious community

Number 8. A group that usually arises as a protest against the prevailing society including the established or accepted church-type society

Correct Answer: Sect

Number 9. Religious group characterized by a radical break with and rejection of the teachings and beliefs of established faith traditions

Correct Answer: cult

Number 10. An idea or movement that unacceptable to the dominant religious community

Correct Answer: heresy

Number 11. Religious movement that exemplifies the characteristics of a revolutionist group

Correct Answer: Branch Davidians

Number 12. Religious movement that exemplifies the characteristics of a utopian group

Correct Answer: Shakers

Number 13. Religious movement that exemplifies the characteristics of a manipulationist group

Correct Answer: Scientology

Number 14. Designation for reform movements in which a small group that is concerned about the community's "laxity" or carelessness with regard to doctrine, discipline or worship

Correct Answer: ecclesiola in ecclesia

Number 15. Founder of Methodism

Correct Answer: John Wesley

Number 16. Group that arose as a movement within the Church of England as an attempt to reform the church

Correct Answer: Methodism

Number 17. 12th century group that promoted true poverty, public preaching and the literal interpretation of the scriptures

Correct Answer: Waldensians

Number 18. Founder of the Franciscans

Correct Answer: St. Francis

Number 19. Religious movement that calls for a disciplined adherence to spiritual ideals, but remains within the larger church-type society.

Correct Answer: monasticism

Number 20. Max Weber's theory that the religious values of Protestantism were a crucial factor in the emergence of capitalism in America

Correct Answer: Protestant Work Ethic

Number 21. Leader of the Protestant reformation

Correct Answer: Martin Luther

Number 22. Group that tried to transcend the evil of this world through a conversion experience that is usually highly emotional and very personal

Correct Answer: conversionist

Number 23. Group that believes that salvation is imminent, but only after the present order is destroyed.

Correct Answer: revolutionist

Number 24. Group that seeks to reconstruct the social order according to a divinely given plan

Correct Answer: Utopia Group

Number 25. Religious group that accepts and actively pursue what could be described as worldly goals.

Correct Answer: manipulationist

Number 26. 17th century religious movement that attempted to correct what were perceived to be shortcomings within Lutheranism

Correct Answer: Pietists