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Review Activities

Alternative Text for Accessibility

Number 1. A collection of sacred texts that a religious community has established as its authoritative guide

Correct Answer: Canon

Number 2. The scriptures of Islam

Correct Answer: Qur'an

Number 3. The Hebrew Bible

Correct Answer: Tanakh

Number 4. The scripture of Hinduism

Correct Answer: Vedas

Number 5. A collection of the deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad

Correct Answer: Hadith

Number 6. The collection of the oral Torah that explains and comments on the written Torah

Correct Answer: Mishnah

Number 7. A vast collection of commentary, stories, and learning that serves to supplement and illustrate the Torah.

Correct Answer: Talmud

Number 8. "That which is remembered;" referring to the sacred texts of Hinduism

Correct Answer: Smirti

Number 9. "That which was heard;" referring to the scriptures of Hinduism

Correct Answer: Sruti

Number 10. A part of one of the great epics of Hinduism

Correct Answer: Bhagavad-Gita

Number 11. One of the great epics of Hinduism

Correct Answer: Ramayana

Number 12. The period in Israel's history when its leaders and many citizens were forcibly relocated to Babylon

Correct Answer: The Exile

Number 13. Early Christian groups who believed that the key to salvation lay in secret teachings

Correct Answer: Gnostics

Number 14. Buddhist guide to interpreting scriptures

Correct Answer: Sutra on the Four Reliances

Number 15. In Buddhism, the teachings of the Buddha

Correct Answer: Dharma

Number 16. A discourse or instruction of the Buddha

Correct Answer: Sutra

Number 17. Way of interpreting scriptures that was widely accepted in the Middle Ages

Correct Answer: Fourfold Method of Biblical Interpretation

Number 18. Level of meaning in scriptures that was believed to disclose the future. 

Correct Answer: Anagogical

Number 19. Refers to the the hidden, symbolic meaning of scripture

Correct Answer: Allegory

Number 20. The belief of he reformers that scripture alone was sufficient for salvation; it focuses on the literal meaning of the scripture and relied upon the true meaning to be revealed by God's spirit.

Correct Answer: Sola scriptura

Number 21. The effort to recover the meaning of Biblical texts by thorough analysis

Correct Answer: Biblical Criticism

Number 22. The analysis of how social and cultural setting affects the interpretation of scripture

Correct Answer: Reader response criticism

Number 23. The scriptures and spiritual leader of Sikhism.

Correct Answer: Guru Granth Sahib