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Review Activities

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Number 1. The original event that is enacted in a ritual

Correct Answer: archetypal

Number 2. The re-experience of the original sacred event

Correct Answer: Anamnesis

Number 3. An imitation of an original sacred event

Correct Answer: Mimesis

Number 4. The pilgrimage in Islam

Correct Answer: Hajj

Number 5. In Judaism, the celebration of the deliverance from slavery

Correct Answer: Passover

Number 6. The Lord's Supper or communion.

Correct Answer: Eucharist

Number 7. The order of readings and actions that commemorate the Passover

Correct Answer: Seder

Number 8. The Passover

Correct Answer: Pesach

Number 9. The ritual of worship in the Orthodox church

Correct Answer: Divine Liturgy

Number 10. Rituals that mark the transition from one stage of life to another

Correct Answer: rites of passage

Number 11. In rites of passage, the stage in which one is between a previous stage of life and a new stage of life.

Correct Answer: Transitional

Number 12. The transitional stage in rites of passage

Correct Answer: Liminal

Number 13. The stage in a rite of passage that is marked by symbolic actions that emphasize the separation or detachment

Correct Answer: separation

Number 14. In a rite of passage, the stage in which the participant is formally admitted into a new role

Correct Answer: incorporation

Number 15. Sociologist best know for his work on rites of passage

Correct Answer: Arnold Van Gennep

Number 16. Rite of passage that marks the coming of age for a Jewish male

Correct Answer: bar mitzvah

Number 17. Rite of passage that marks the coming of age for a Jewish female

Correct Answer: bat mitzvah

Number 18. cutting away of the foreskin of the penis; associated with "initiation ceremonies" in many cultures

Correct Answer: Circumcision

Number 19. A calendar that is based on a lunar month (28 days)

Correct Answer: lunar calendar

Number 20. The migration of the Muhammad and the Islamic community from Mecca to Medina

Correct Answer: Hijrah

Number 21. Common Era. Used by many scholars in place of A.D.

Correct Answer: C.E.

Number 22. Before Commen Era; Used by many scholars in place of B.C.

Correct Answer: B.C.E.

Number 23. celebrations and rituals that mark the seasons and important events within the cycle of the year.

Correct Answer: Seasonal rituals (temporal rituals)

Number 24. In seasonal rituals, fasting and repentance as a means of preparation for the coming of the new

Correct Answer: Mortification

Number 25. In seasonal rituals, sacrifices of expiation to rid the individual and community of guilt

Correct Answer: purgation:

Number 26. The part of seasonal rituals that affirm the social order and spiritual well-being

Correct Answer: Invigoration

Number 27. The part of seasonal rituals that celebrate the renewal of the lease on life

Correct Answer: Jubilation

Number 28. The day of fasting and penance that marks the beginning of the Christian season of Lent

Correct Answer: Ash Wednesday

Number 29. The forty days before Easter that emphasize fasting, self-denial and repentance to rid oneself and the community of sin and guilt.

Correct Answer: Lent