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Review Activities

Alternative Text for Accessibility

Number 1. A narration of events, either historical or legendary, but presented as being, ahistorical and eternally valid

Correct Answer: myth

Number 2. a story, usually fictional, in which the thrust of the story is to make a point

Correct Answer: parable

Number 3. An object or sound that points beyond itself to the sacred realm or to some aspect of ultimate reality

Correct Answer: symbol

Number 4. A symbol that establishes a relationship between two things even when there may not be a natural or obvious point of contact

Correct Answer: representational symbol

Number 5. Symbols that manifest or make present the sacred

Correct Answer: presentational symbol

Number 6. In the study of religious language, a word that designates an ordinary, known object or experience and is used to describe the sacred

Correct Answer: metaphor

Number 7. A story in which each element or person in the story corresponds to something that is not part of the story

Correct Answer: allegory

Number 8. A teaching that is a second order discourse

Correct Answer: doctrine

Number 9. Scripture and sacred stories of a religion.

Correct Answer: First order discourse

Number 10. commentaries, interpretations and sermons that seek to explain first order discourse

Correct Answer: second order discourse

Number 11. verbal formulas that allow the individual to experience the sacred

Correct Answer: mantras

Number 12. Hand gestures that are meant to convey a sacred reality

Correct Answer: mudras

Number 13. stylized representations of Jesus and the saints

Correct Answer: icons

Number 14. In Hinduism, the act of establishing visual contact with the deity.

Correct Answer: darshan

Number 15. The analysis of a text in order to understand it through exploring its historical and literary context, its grammatical structure, form, genre, etc.

Correct Answer: Exegesis

Number 16. The task of sharing and explaining the community's faith with outsiders.

Correct Answer: Apologetic Discussion

Number 17. a believer who reflects on faith in such a way as to clarify it and/or to argue that such faith is worthy of consideration by those outside his or her community.

Correct Answer: Theologian