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Review Activities

Alternative Text for Accessibility

Number 1. sacred power

Correct Answer: numinous

Number 2. The intense psychological and emotional experience of the sacred

Correct Answer: mysterium tremendum

Number 3. A sacred space that functions as a center around which the world is organized

Correct Answer: axis mundi

Number 4. Originally a burial mound; the distinctive sacred structure in Buddhism

Correct Answer: Stupa

Number 5. A symmetrical diagram, circular or square; symbolic representation of the universe, reality, or those energies depicted as. deities, demons, Bodhisattvas, and the Buddha

Correct Answer: mandala

Number 6. The scriptures of Islam; they contain the revelations received by Muhammad

Correct Answer: Qur'an

Number 7. A distinct class of religious specialists found who undergo strenuous initiations by which they gain control over the spirits and are able to use them in healing and in flights to the spirit world

Correct Answer: shamanism

Number 8. The structure in Mecca that Muslism believe was built by Abraham for the worship of the one God.

Correct Answer: ka'ba

Number 9. the realm of the extraordinary, memorable, momentous, eternal, and ultimate reality

Correct Answer: sacred

Number 10. the realm of the ordinary, chaotic, ever changing world of human activity

Correct Answer: profane

Number 11. a doorway between the sacred and the profane

Correct Answer: hierophany

Number 12. Making right by some ritual act or offering for the injury or sin done to some other person or god

Correct Answer: expiation

Number 13. Act of appeasing, pacifying, or making favorable, often through some form of sacrifice to a deity

Correct Answer: propitiation

Number 14. An epic poem in Hinduism that reports a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna.

Correct Answer: Bhagavad-gita

Number 15. The embodiment of a god in human form

Correct Answer: incarnation

Number 16. An incarnation of a Hindu deity

Correct Answer: avatar

Number 17. That which is of greatest importance to individuals; the depth dimension of human experiences.

Correct Answer: ultimate concern