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The third part of the exam will be a take home discussion question.  Choose from among the following learning activities:




Choose any one of the discussion questions on the previous quizzes that you did not answer.



Write an essay on one of the following topics:


1. Contrast a religious ethic of virtue with a religious ethic of obligation.  Give an example of a religious leader or hero (not mentioned in the text) who has served as a virtuous model.  What specific virtues does he/she exemplify?

 2. How do you go about making moral decisions?  Are you more inclined to follow a virtue ethic?  A charismatic moral leader?  An ethic based on the conception of natural laws?  An ethic of revealed divine commandments?  Some other method?  Or do you simply follow your own feelings and intuitions?  Give an example of a moral decision that you have made based on your answer.