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Confucianism originated with the teaching of Confucius (Kung Fu-tzu) Lived from 551 479 BCE.

 Saw himself as a transmitter of tradition Believed that the past held the key to harmony in the present.

Established a school to educate gentlemen for government service

After his death, his teachings were collected into the Analects.


 Pivotal Values
Confucius focused his teaching on three virtues:
  • Filial Piety (respect for parents)
    •  Forms basis for all harmony in society
    • Includes ancestor worship
    • Respect for parents is eternal
  • Li (propriety/ ritual consciousness)
    • Rules for correct behavior in all relationships
    •  Through rituals, people could learn correct behavior and harmony would prevail in society
  • Jen - humaneness, goodness/ benevolence.
    • Based on concept of mutuality:
    • Tzu-king asked: "Is there one word which can express the essence of right conduct in life?" K'ung [Confucius]replied: "It is the word shu - mutuality: Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you."