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Fundamentals of Online Teaching with WebCT


Welcome to Fundamentals of Online Teaching with WebCT. Before you begin working in WebCT, you must complete a series of brief, interactive tutorials. These tutorials will explain what you need to do to get started using WebCT. Once you have completed the tutorials, you will log in to WebCT where you will complete an orientation to WebCT.

The tutorials linked below require that you have a Flash plugin on your computer. You should have version 7 or later. It is also recommended that your monitor resolution be at least 1024 by 864. To hear the narration, you will need to make sure that your speakers or headphones are connected and that the sound is not muted on your computer. The tutorials are also closed-captioned, so you can view them without audio by turning clicking on the Closed Caption link on the control bar of each tutorial. Please note that these tutorials are interactive; you will need to click on links as directed in the tutorial as you work through each one.

Depending upon your network, these tutorials make take a few minutes to load. Please be patient!


1.Configuring your Browser for online teaching and learning with WebCT

2. Logging in to WebCT

3. The MyWebCT page


After you have completed all tutorials, go to the Online College Home page to log in to your WebCT Training Course. Once you have logged in, you will need to complete lessons 1- 4. .

If you have any problems, contact a member of the Online Instructional Development Team.