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The Origins of Hinduism
A Framework for Understanding HInduism
 A Framework for Understanding Hinduism
  Part One: Vedic Religion: A way of ritual
 Part Two: Classical Hinduism: A way of knowledge
 Part Three: Bhakti Hinduism: The way of devotion to God
Scriptures of Hinduism
 The Shruti
 The Smriti
 The Ramayana
 The Puranas
 Test Yourself
Beliefs and Practices
 Fundamental Concepts
 B. The Profound Unity of the Cosmos
 C. Reincarnation, samsara and moksha.
 D. Moksha
Hindu Deities
 Saktas: Worshippers of the Goddess
 Saivaites: Worshippers of Shiva
 Vaishnavites: Worshippers of Vishnu
Ways of Achieving Moksha
 Raja Yoga
 Jnana Yoga
 Bhakti Yoga