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Blackboard FAQs


The following are meant to address some frequently asked questions about managing your Blackboard courses. Please note that some of the answers will contain a link to more detailed instructions in a PDF format.

How long will students be able to access a Blackboard course after classes end?

Students will have access to the course for seven days after the class ends. After seven days, only students who received an Incomplete in the course will still be able to access it.

How long will instructors be able to access courses after the semester ends?

Courses are left on the server for one full semester after the end of the course. At that time they will be archived and removed from the server.

My course will not be taught next semester. How can I export a copy that I can upload to Blackboard the next time I teach this course?

It is the instructor's responsibility to make a copy of a course that will not be taught the following semester. Although the Blackboard Administrator archives all courses, it is much faster and convenient for instructors or departments to make copies of courses that will be taught in future semesters. Fortunately, the Export/Archive tool in Blackboard makes it easy to make a copy of course content that can be imported into new course sites. More information. . . .

How do I download my Grade Center to an Excel Spreadsheet?

Click on the button entitled “Work Offline” located at the far right of the Grade Center. A pull-down list will allow you to “Upload” or “Download” a grade book. To save a copy of your grade book in Excel select Download and then select desired options on the Download Grades page. More information. . . .

How do I copy my existing course into an new course site?
Each semester, Blackboard will automatically generate new course sites based on the information from Datatel. It is the responsibility of the instructor to copy the content from the previous semester's course into the new course site. If you teach multiple sections of the same course, you should copy your course into one new site, make any updates, and then copy the updated course into additional sections. To copy your course follow these directions . . .

Can I make my course available to students before classes begin?

All courses are made available to students the day before classes begin. If you want to make the course available at an earlier date you will need to select Customization from the Control Panel. On the Customization menu, select Properties. On the Properties page, set the desired start date in the Course Duration options. More information . . . .

How can I hide courses from previous semesters?

Since you have access to courses for a full semester after they end, you may find that you have an extensive course list. Fortunately, Blackboard allows you to hide courses. Go to the courses module on the Courses Tab. At the top of the module click on the setting icon (looks like a gear). Then deselect all check boxes in the row that corresponds to the course that you want to hide. You will also need to do this in for the Courses Module on the My GTC tab. More information . . . .